The appointment of a new leadership for the Baath Party branch in Deir Ezzor

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The Baath Party central leadership in Syria has issued a statement, dissolving the party’s branch in Deir Ezzor and appointing a new leadership consisting of ten figures instead.


On September 07, 2016, the official leadership held its session number 144 which addressed the situation of its branch in Deir Ezzor, and decided to dissolve and restructure it by forming a new leadership which includes the following persons:


  1. Saher Abdel Razaq Al-Haj Sakr (head of the new branch)
  2. Ali Ahmed Al Fares (member)
  3. Hatem Amash Al-Suleiman (member)
  4. Ahmed Hussein Al-Jadaan (member)
  5. Raid Ali Al-Qadban (member)
  6. Shukri Qadur Al Haj Hassan Al Aliwi Al Safan (member)
  7. Ghada Katawi (member)
  8. Hussein Zaalan Al Khalif (member)
  9. Al Muhafid (member)
  10. The head of Al Furat University ( member)

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