Nusra leader Al-Joulani is not from Al-Shaheel, Deir Ezzor, and this is what was expected

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Leader of Nusra Front, Al-Joulani, appeared with his face unmasked on several TV channels yesterday, delivering a speech in which he declared that his front has broken ties with Al-Qaeda, emphasizing that they are no longer affiliated with any foreign organizations.



Several local and international media outlets are asserting that A-Joulani’s real name is Osama Al-Abssi Al-Wahidi from the town of Al-Shaheel, rural Deir Ezor. However, after conducting an in-depth inquiry concerning the personality that delivered the speech on TV yesterday by contacting several civilians from the town of Al-Shaheel, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, D24 came to the conclusion, based on testimonies by the interviewed local civilians, that the person is absolutely not from Al-Shaheel, and there is no authenticity to  any report claiming he was once brought up or lived in Deir Ezzor province.



Picture of Ossama Al Hadawi, they guy many mistake for Al-Joulani, Nusra leader

Some civilians from Al-Shaheel mistook Al-Joulani for Ossama Mohamed Haddawi from their hometown, who had studied medicine at the University of Damascus before joining, along with his brother, Jihadist factions in Iraq during the American invasion in 2003.


It is now clear that Al-Joulani features are very different from those of Ossama Al-Haddawi, based on a comparison between the picture of the latter and Al-Joulani. According to some D24 sources, it is likely that Ossama and his brother were both killed in Iraq in 2007.



Even the info which were publicized by the international media about Al-Joulani were totally wrong. They asserted that his name was Ossama Al-Abssi Al-Wahid, born in Al-Shaheel in 1984 and lived in Idlib, where his father worked as a government employee; mainly at the military housing agency. Contrary to this,  the guy mistaken for Al-Joulan is named Ossama Mohamed Al-Hadawwi, born in 1984 and brought up in Al-Shaheel, whereas, his father was not an employee at the military housing agency.

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