Notables personalities of western countryside delude Russians that people will accept their presence

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Several meetings have took place recently between the Russians and dignitaries and sheikhs from the western countryside of Deir Ezzor at the Reconciliation Center in the city of Hatla, where there was at the head of the invitees so-called “Nawaf Al-Bashir”, “Al-Madlool” and “Al-Afees”, in addition to leaders affiliated with Iran from Hatla.
These events come against the background of these notables deluding Russian generals that the western line owes allegiance to them and is commanding their orders, and that the people in the region do not mind the passage of the Russian patrols that have recently passed with the aim of exploring the people’s reaction.
As the Russians were surprised by the people’s categorical rejection of their passing. Although the Russians chose to pass through the western line from the town of Al-Geneina or Al-Salihiya, the tribal sheikhs residing in west of the Euphrates owe allegiance to the Iranian militias.

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