Names of 14 Assad’s forces and pro-regime militiamen who have been killed in the ongoing Daesh offense in the eastern countryside.

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Daesh launched a series of surprising attacks against Assad’s forces positions in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, inflicting dozens of casualties upon them. The attacks were concentrated on the town of Al-Quyriyah and the desert of Mahkan town, as well as the cemetery of Al-Asharah, Buqruss, the outskirts of Al-Myadeen and Al-Bukamal. The organization killed many regime fighters and other pro-regime militiamen, including those of Hizbollah and the Fatimiyon Brigade.

More than 20 fighters were killed over the past two days. Their names are as follow:
1 – Lieutenant Yusuf Tarad Aldankawi

2 – Lieutenant Alaa Hussein Mohammed

3 – Lieutenant Hassan Saleh Mohammed

4 – Lieutenant Khalid Shehadeh Aldho

5 – Lieutenant Bilal Fahd Hamoud

6 – Lieutenant Mohsen Salim Salem

7 – Lieutenant Abdul Rahman Khader Hamadeh

8-Lieutenant Waseem Mahmoud Al-Ali

  1. Lieutenant Mohammed Hussein Al-Salem

10 – Lieutenant Nazih Meser Jaber

11 – Lieutenant Mustafa Mohammed Ali

12-Lieutenant Yusuf Ahmad Al-Ahmad
13. Ghulam Reza Lankri of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
14 – Asadullah Ibrahimi is a fighter in the Afghan “Fatimun” militia.

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