More than 20 civilians were killed today in a massacre carried out by unidentified warplanes in the Hajna village, DeirEzzor’s northern countryside

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More than 20 civilians were killed today after unidentified warplanes carried out airstrikes on the Hajna village in Deir Ezzor’s northern countryside.


A D24 correspondent said that, “In early morning, the warplanes bombed two civilian homes, belonging to both, the Suleiman Kadali and Khadr Cadali, leading to the death of all members of the two families.”


He added that the airstrikes caused civilian casualties and that families residing in that village could not identify the warplanes that struck their homes.


The Hajna village is located in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor and it overlooks the Khabur River. People who live in  villages located near that river are suffering from severe poverty due to the drought of the river that they used to employ for the irrigation of their agricultural lands.

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