Harsh winter conditions increase the suffering of trapped civilians in besieged Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

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With the arrival of winter, civilians residing in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzro, which are under the control of the Assad regime, are facing a new severe issue embodied in the lack of heating and cooking means, pushing that many of them to use low-quality firewood as an alternative, which they can rarely get as it is sold under the supervision of pro-Assad militias.

A commander of the pro-Assad NDF militia, who is known as ‘Abu Said’, controls the amounts of firewood available in the besieged areas. After obtaining licenses from the security branches in the city, members of the NDF are now mobilizing those amounts, increasing the dire conditions in those neighborhoods.


The sources of the firewood are trees located near the besieged areas and civilian properties in abandoned homes in the city, which are made up of wood and were looted by the NDF militia being led by Abu Said.


The firewood center is located in the headquarter of the NDF militia in the Joura neighborhood. That militia sells 1 kg of firewood for 350-300 SYP in the Wadi Street.


The besieged neighborhoods have faced a lack of heating means and fuel for more than two years now, which pushed many civilians to use firewood and burn nylon, bags and shoes as an alternative that has had a negative effect on the health situation in those areas.

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