Meeting held between some tribal dignitaries in Deir Ezzor to express their support for Daesh

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The Daesh-affiliated Amaq News media outlet has recently posted to social media a video showing a meeting between some of the tribal dignitaries in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, calling upon all those enlisting in the ranks of the Syrian Opposition and the PKK to repent and pledge their allegiance to organization. They also guaranteed their safety if they would listen to the call.


Some of the dignitaries who appeared in the video said that, “the tribal fighters who are now in the ranks of the opposition and the PKK should return to their tribes in Deir Ezzor and stop fighting against Daesh. We vow that they will be forgiven and their confiscated property will be returned to them.”


The relationship between the organization and the tribes in Deir Ezzor remains tense and unstable, as the group continues to commit human rights abuses against the civilians residing in the region. It has also confiscated all weaponry from the tribes for fear of another uprising just like Al-Shaitat uprising in 2014, which the group responded to it by perpetrating an appalling massacre against Al-Shaitat tribesmen.


Daesh still exploits some of the tribal leaders by using their influence on the people to maintain its control and dominance over the region.

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