Daesh carried out a massacre today after targeting Al-Qusour and Al-Joura neighborhoods with mortar shells

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This morning, Daesh perpetrated a massacre after targeting the regime-held Al-Joura and Al-Qusour neighborhoods with mortar shells, killing three civilians and wounding a number of others.


“The mortar shelling targeted the residential buildings in the Al-Dahiyah area, Tib Al-Joura, Al-Wadi Street and Al-Villat, killing at three civilians, including the engineer Khalil Ibrahim Al-Matar, and wounding several others.” A D24 correspondent indicated today.


He added, “Daesh has shelled the neighborhoods since this morning, amid fear and shock between civilians in the targeted areas.”


Due to the absence of healthcare services and the extreme shortage of necessary medications in the besieged areas, most of the time the wounded succumb to their wounds under these tough and deteriorating conditions.


Noteworthy, the organization has intensified its shelling on the regime-controlled areas of Deir Ezzor over the past two months, which caused a staggering number of civilian casualties.

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