Daesh carried out the third massacre in Deir Ezzor this week after bombarding Al-Joura neighborhood today

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Daesh committed a massacre this morning after shelling the regime-controlled Al-Joura neighborhood with mortar, killing five civilians so far and wounding a number of others.

A D24 correspondent said today that , “ The Daesh mortar shelling targeted a group of civilians who were queuing near one of the SARC centers in Al-Joura to receive their portion of the humanitarian assistance, killing five civilians, including women and children.”


He added, “The death toll from Daseh mortar shelling on the neighborhood today might increase, as many of the wounded are in an extremely bad shape.”

Noteworthy, Al-Joura and Al-Qusour neighborhoods are being shelled by Daesh on regular basis. The organization has carried out three massacres in the neighborhood this week, claiming the lives of 15 civilians so far.


Name of the slain civilians:

  1. Abdl Adim Shaheer Al-Safuk
  2. Ahmed Fadel Al Sheikh
  3. Muaud Sabah Al Ajeel
  4. Khalissa Al Barghut
  5. Hanin Al Razj
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