Internal dispute between Daesh fighters over the spoils of war in the town of Tabani, and Daesh intervenes

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Families of some local Daesh fighters in the town of Al-Tabani, western Deir Ezzor countryside, were recently engaged in an internal dispute that evolved into clashes with light weaponry, pushing Daesh to raid the houses of those implicated and arrested them.

The reason that led to the internal dispute was after the organization brought some of its captured spoils of war to the main market in the town of Al-Tabani with the aim of distributing them equally to its fighters; however, some high-level Daesh commanders took the enormous portion from the spoils, sparking fury of some Daesh families.

Then,  a brawl between the youth of these families  evolved into clashes with light weaponry, which was followed by the arrest of 15 members of those involved.

The dispute between these families dates back to 10 years ago due to mutual revenge reasons, but the incident of the spoil of wars was a reason to bring back their old disputes.

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