Infighting broke out between the pro-Assad militias in Deir Ezzor yesterday

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An infighting broke out in the regime-held Al-Joura neighborhood yesterday between a group of Al-Busrayah tribe militiamen, who operate under the umbrella of the NDF militia, against the “Al-Ashayer Army” which is made up of fighters who belong to Al-Shaitat tribe.

The infighting was caused by an altercation which evolved into clashes with weaponry.

D24 correspondent in Al-Joura neighborhood said today that, “the NDF militia deployed reinforcement to the clashing area. Fifty NDF militiamen encircled Al-the Al-Wadi Street and Al-Joura neighborhood with heavy weaponry, and forced the shopkeepers in the area to close their shops, imposing a curfew in anticipation of any clashes against the “Al-Ashayer Army”.

Amid the infighting, the leadership of the Assad forces, along with the Republican Guards, intervened yesterday and managed to ease the tension and put an end to the clashes.

Noteworthy, this was not the first infighting between the pro-Assad militias in Deir Ezzor, as they continue to occur repetitively, mainly between the NDF militias and Al-Ashayer Army.

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