Deir Ezzor: Russian warplanes massacre civilians while the Coalition destroy bridges

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The Coalition have intensified the air strikes on multiple areas in rural Deir Ezzor, destroying all the bridges on the Euphrates River and also targeting residential buildings in several cities and towns in the province, claiming the lives of several civilians and wounding a number of others.

In the early morning, Coalition warplanes struck both, Al Salihiya Bridge (west Al Bukamal) and At Tarif Bridge (in the western countryside), reducing them to complete rubble. This comes after the destruction of strategic Ashara Bridge, which took place two days ago, being the last bridge connecting the two banks of the river in Deir Ezzor (Al Jazeera and Al Shamiyah).

In other news, at least four civilians, among whom three children, were killed, and several others wounded due to airstrikes executed by Russian warplanes on Buquruss town in the eastern countryside yesterday. A civilian was killed in a Coalition bombing on the city of Al Basirah. The Coalition also pulverized a school in Al Shaheel and targeted the city of Al Mayadin and the neighboring villages using machine guns.

Our correspondent in the city of Al-Bukamal indicated that food prices have dramatically increased in the city due to the destruction of the bridges in the eastern countryside, which took place recently.

The prices of the transportations on the water crossings (boats used for crossing the river) in the region have increased since they are overcrowded due to the destruction of the bridges.

Noteworthy, this air campaign by the Coalition came after the recent air-drop of leaflets over the city of Al Mayadin, which warned civilians not to approach the bridges because “they would be targeted by the Coalition” in a bid to cut off Daesh-supply-roads. However, civilians in the region consider themselves the direct victims of this systematic destruction of the bridges.

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