The international coalition continue the systematic destruction of the bridges and roads in the province of Deir Ezzor

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In early Thursday, Coalition warplanes executed airstrikes on both As Salhiya Bridge (west Al Bukamal) At-Tarif Bridge ( the western countryside ), leading to their total destruction.


“Warplanes belonging to the Coalition targeted the two bridges at 3 a.m., knocking them out of commission.” A D24 correspondent reported today.


He added, ” As Salhiya Bridge links the city of Al-Bukamal and its vicinity with the remaining villages in the eastern countryside ( the Shamiyya area), while At Tarif Bridge connects the villages in the western countryside located on the Raqqa- Deir Ezzor highway.”


The airstrikes were not only limited to the bridges, as the Coalition bombed and cut off the roads in the area of Sabikhan in the eastern countryside.


The effects of the targeting of the bridges in the province have begun to appear, as the prices of food have sharply increased and civilians are now suffering with moving between the two banks of the river.

Boats are being used to transport vehicles and people in return for an amount of money. Each individual has to pay 50 SYP for crossing, while the transportation of a vehicle costs 200 SYP.

Noteworthy, the province of Deir Ezzor is facing an agressive air campaign by the Assad regime which targets villages: Al Shaheel, Buqurus, Mariiyah, Jafra (east Deir Ezzor ), in addition to Al Sinaa neighborhood of Deir Ezzor city. Only material damages have been reported until now.

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