On charges of fighting against the organization, Daesh executed 15 young civilians after being arrested for more than a year in Al-Sabha town, Deir Ezzor province

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Daesh has revealed the fate of 15 young male civilians whom it detained during arrest campaigns that targeted the town of Al-Sabha, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, one year ago.


A D24 correspondent said today that, “Daesh has displayed boards containing the names of the 15 civilians and their fate in the town. According to what was written on the boards, they all were executed on various charges.”


He added, “All the executed were civilians whom Daesh arrested in separate times on different charges ranging from apostasy, spying for the regime, disbelief and partaking in fighting against the group.”


Mohamed who is a civilian from the town of Al-Sabha said today that, “all the executed were civilians whom the organization accused of trumped-up charges. The executions reflects nothing but the bloodthirsty desire of the group which is based on spilling blood of the innocent”


This is considered the second biggest operation in which the fate of the detainees in Daesh-run prisons was revealed. Last year, the organzaition revleaded the fate of 50 civilian detainees in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor who all faced death as well.

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