In a surprising move, Daesh re-opens schools in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor

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After closing schools for two years in Deir Ezzor and its countryside and forcing teachers to undergo Sharia sessions, Daesh reopened primary schools today.


The teaching process will be based on the Daesh-imposed curriculum that includes Arabic, Fiqh, Quran, creed and other subjects consisting of the group’s ideology and beliefs. Students of the first year of primary school have to master the spelling of letters in order to succeed.


Out of fear that their sons would be indoctrinated into the organization’s ideology and thus joining its ranks, many families have kept their sons away from those schools,


Two schools were reopened in each village situated in the western countryside, and they are established in areas where they cannot be easily targeted by Coalition’s air strikes. In addition, the choosing of teachers is based on how religious they are, and not on their competency.


The organization had promised the teachers to pay them a 100 USD salary a month but a week later, they told them that the salary would be only 50 USD.


The reason behind the re-opening of schools remains unclear so far. Is it a move to please the angry civilians or because the group is attempting to recruit more children into its ranks after failing to do so with its Dawah sessions.

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