Hundreds of young men from the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor city have been forcibly conscripted by the regime to compensate the huge shortage of manpower in its ranks

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The regime forces carried out today an arrest campaign targeting civilians aged 18 to 45 years old in Al-Joura district for conscription to fight with the regime forces on the fronts in Deir Ezzor city. Among the arrested are university students and government employees. They all were arrested after the regime security forces raided several faculties in the university of Al-Furat ten days ago.

By arresting civilians and circulating them to recruitment centers in the city, the regime is attempting to compensate the huge shortage of manpower in its ranks, local sources in the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor city told DeirEzzor 24.

The arrested civilians are circulated to Al-Talai’ military camp and Brigade 137 to undergo military training sessions in a period which does not exceed 72 hours. After that, they are placed on the fronts against ISIS in Deir Ezzor, the same sources added.


It should be noted that the Assad-regime is attempting to repel the continuous and violent ISIS offensive on its held-pocket, after the group managed to breach the first defense line for the regime in Deir Ezzor. There are reports that ISIS would soon resume its attacks on the regime-held pocket in an attempt to take over the whole province of Deir Ezzor.

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