How do Russian forces manage the Taym field in Deir Ezzor?

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Al-Taym field produces about 2,500 barrels per day, and Russia has started investing it since the beginning of 2019, to cover its military expenses in Syria, through the “Arvada” company, which is affiliated with the Al-Qatirji Group.

The Russian forces have also worked to rehabilitate the two gas groups in the field, since the middle of last year 2021, which are two turbines out of three with a production capacity of 45 megabytes, and they have been connected to the main network, so that their production goes outside Deir Ezzor Governorate and the governorate does not benefit from it, except in cases of need or line interruption. Gander station.

Engineers, technicians and workers affiliated with the Ministry of Oil are overseeing the management of the Al-Taym field, and they are responsible for operating the facility and repairing its malfunctions with their modest experience.

The Taym field contains a Russian base equipped with a huge radar, heavy weapons consisting of cannons, tanks, medium weapons and thermal cameras with a range of 15 km, in addition to an advanced communications system.

Russian forces in the field conduct periodic firing exercises, and communicate with the Field Protection Command with a special communication station and local translation personnel.

Every hour, a tank with a capacity of 200 barrels comes out of the field, heading towards the Baniyas refinery. The field includes 7 “Jawak” wells and 3 other self-drawing wells.

Special task groups in the Qatirji Military Militia occupy the task of protecting the field and the Russian base, with a strength of 150 members per shift, and they are replaced every 15 days with a salary of 250 thousand Syrian pounds, in addition to food baskets.

The militia includes an operations officer with the rank of colonel who resides in the militia center at the headquarters of the 137th Brigade near the Panorama, in addition to Major “Bassam Al-Arsan.”

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