Elements of the Assad militias were killed and wounded in Deir Ezzor

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Two elements of the Assad’s forces were killed and others were wounded in an attack by Daesh on several areas of Deir Ezzor countryside, Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent reported.

According to our correspondent, during the past two days, the organization launched sporadic attacks, targeting military points of the Assad’s force and their militias that have them in the badiyah of al-Mayadeen, Al-Quriyah, Sbikhan, Al-Ishara and the area near the badiyah of Hreibsha, which resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of the Assad forces elements:

1- Abdullah Hafel al-Khidher

2- Yahya Jaber al-Ahmad.

Daesh occasionally carries out military attacks west of the Euphrates, targeting areas controlled by the Assad’s forces, because of which the forces suffer continuous losses of life and materiel.

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