East- Euphrates civilians, objecting to the presence of Russians in their areas

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Hundreds of the protesters came out to the streets of Al-Hessan town west countryside of DeirEzzour, coming from their home towns, coming from “Al-Ezbah, AL-Jnenah, and AL-Shouytat district”. Protesters kept walking toward the seam lines for Al- Jnenah town, in a protest against the Russian presence in their areas.

These protests, a reflexive reaction against Russians came after the try of a Russian patrol to move toward Raqqa city, and the stopping of the patrol by local civilians using burning tiers and cutting the road and expressing that they are not ok with the enter of the Russians there.

Protesters also raised slogans denying the entry of the Russians, like “The free people of Al- Shouytat deny the entrance the mercenaries of Putin, or the even the passing by to East Euphrates areas”, “Russians and Regime are two faces for the same coin”. Protesters, on the other hand, made sure to in their description for the Russian presence as occupation, demanding the Russian mercenaries, and the Assad militias to get out from all of Syria in general, and from East areas in particular.

The demonstrators also pointed to their demands for the overthrow of the Assad regime and the loss of its legitimacy, pointing to the recent crimes and violations committed by his militias in Daraa and Idlib, in a reference to the lack of credibility and commitment to any covenants, and being the main factor for the destruction of Syria.

The people of eastern Euphrates fear the Russian forces supporting Assad will enter their areas, in preparations to restore Assad’s control over them, stressing that “Assad” and the militias supporting him are wreaking havoc in every area they are entering.

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