Each besieged family in Deir Ezzor city is now living on one piece of bread a day

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Civilians living in the city of Deir Ezzor are facing a double siege imposed by Daesh and Assad’s forces. The organization is punishing anyone transporting foodstuffs to the Assad regime -held neighborhoods. Food aid are transported to Assad’s forces in the city via cargo planes, which are airdropping aid shipments almost every day. The airdropped shipments are supposed to cover the needs of the trapped civilians, but because Assad-liked merchants are monopolizing the materials, the prices of food have become sky-high, meaning that the trapped civilians cannot afford to secure their food.


Most of the bakeries do not sell bread to the families, the only operational bakeries are those linked with the SARC. This has resulted in an extreme shortage of bread.


Assad’s forces and allied militias have seized agricultural lands and planted them so as to use them as a stable source of revenue, as they have been selling their crops in Al-Wadi street of Deir Ezzor. Vegetables are transported to the market from the agricultural lands in Al-Aghwat area and the orchards near the Euphrates River and those in Al-Kasbarji area in Al-Huwayqa neighborhood.


Today’s prices in Deir Ezzor city:

Kg of flour (Zero) 2500 SYP


1 kg of brown flour 500 SYP



Kg of Burghal (Crescent) 400 SYP



Kg of homemade noodles 800 SYP



Kg of salt 1000 SYP



Kg of al-Khathr (milk powder) 600 SYP



Kg of cow milk, 1500 SYP



Kg of pound 3000 SYP



Kg of cheese 7000 SYP



Kg of Sugar (Crescent) 1800 SYP



LAYALINA Tea Bag 100 L 1100 LE


1 liter of oil (Crescent) 2200 SYP



Gallon oil 6 liters


Olive oil box 750 ml 4500 SYP



Kg of sugar 5000 SYP



Kg of rice (Crescent) 400 SYP



Kg of lentils (Crescent) 200 SYP



Kg of lentils(Crescent) 200 SYP



Kg of beans (Crescent) 400 SYP



Kg of Alhoms 2000 SYP



The Sudanese pound is 2200 SYP



100 g molted tomatoes 500 SYP



Two peppers were found


Pack of sweetness 800 g 3500 me


The box of 700 pounds 2000 pounds


Thyme fatty if any


Sardine Box 800 SYP



Tuna Box 800 SYP


Mortadella 180 g 900 SYP


Cheese  (8 triangle pieces) 800 SYP


Chouf 200 g

Spaghetti 400 g 900 SYP


20 grams of sugar 1000 pounds

40 tablets of 100 lira

Envelope powder milk 22 g 400 lira

100 g Created 600 pound

The Turkish drink is 10 g 100 lira

The envelope of powder 75 pounds

Kilo squash 1300 lira Kilo eggplant 1500 pounds

Kg of  bolam 4000 lira

Kg of tomatoes 2000 lira

Kg of option 2000 lira

Kg of Mallochia 900 lira

Kg of  phosphate 3000 lira

Kg of dry garlic 7,000 pounds

Kg of dry onions 4000 pounds

Kilo of potatoes (if available) 2500 pounds

The intensity of parsley is 200 lira

Chuck powder cleaning clothing of 40 g 350 lira

Shampoo 75 lira

Kiloalodalin “homemade” 500-200 lira

Fuel: Liters of diesel (refined) 2300 lira

Liter of gasoline (refined 4,000 lira

Alkaz (not available)

Kilo of fire 350-300 liras

Gas canister (not available)

Meat: Not available

The price of one egg is 500 lira

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