The factions of Deir Ezzor city have announced their merger within one military formation- ‘Liwaa Tahrir Deir Ezzor’.

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The military factions of Deir Ezzor have issued a statement announcing their unification in one military entity under the banner ‘Liwaa Tahrir Deir Ezzor’.



They confirmed in their statement that the goals of the military entity are to liberate the province of Deir Ezzor from Daesh and Assad, and prevent any other force seeking to enter and capture it.


They added that other goals include the backing and support to civil military entities in their administration of the province, and their readiness to coordinate with all revolutionary military faction. They also mentioned that they are seeking to merge with all the factions under one national liberation army.


The statement insisted that all Deir Ezzor’s fighters should joining the recently established entity, calling on the local populations to stand by it and support it with all they can.


They also promised that they will comply with the international law and that the commander of the recent entity will be ‘Yasser Azzedin Al-Turki’, who was appointed as the commander during a meeting with all the representatives of the factions of Deir Ezzor.


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