Displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor city are facing though humanitarian conditions in Al-Sad refugee camp in Al-Hasakah

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The displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor city are suffering from tough humanitarian conditions in Al-Sad refugee camp, which is located in the Ajaja area in rural Al-Hasakah, where they are facing the lack of basic needs.


The number of the displaced in that camp has reached around 7000 thousand. It is supervised and administered by the SDF.


The humanitarian situation is so bad. Water and food are unavailable, apart from smuggled water and foodstuffs whose prices are sky-high. There are also dozens of families who are sleeping in the open amidst hot weather. Those displaced are now demanding nothing, but the return to their homes in the Daesh-held territory.


Some of the youths have managed to flee from the camp, but there are still a large number of women, children and elderly who are suffering from chronic diseases and are still residing in it. There are also those who have all legal papers to go to perform the pilgrimage, but the SDF has not allowed them to travel so far.


Some civilians from Deir Ezzor have fled to that camp after Daesh imposed its forced conscription program in the province.

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