Assud Al-Sharqiyah and Martyr Ahmed Abdo Forces have shot down a MIG jet belonging to Assad’s forces

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On Tuesday, the FSA factions of Assud Al-Shaqiyah and Ahmed Abdou Martyrs managed to destroy an MIG fighter jet belonging to the Assad regime which was flying over the Syrian Badiyah.


Saad Al-Haj, a media official of Assud Al-Sharqiyah, stated to D24 that, ‘ the anti-aircraft of the FSA directly hit and destroyed the MIG fighter jet as it was carrying out an airstrike on FSA positions in the area of Wadi Hamud in the eastern countryside of Al-Suwaydae.

The FSA has also captured the pilot of the downed jet, who was identified as major ‘Ali Halwa’.


On Monday, heavy clashes broke out between FSA and Assad’s forces and allied militias in the Syrian Badiyah and the eastern countryside of Suwaydae and areas near Jordan-Syria border, during which the FSA destroyed a BMP vehicle, a tank and a car loaded with ammo, in addition to the killing of several Assad fighters.


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