Displaced civilians from Deir Ezzor are facing tragic humanitarian conditions as displacement continues on a large-scale in the province

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Civilians residing in the province of Deir Ezzor continue to flee from Daesh-held areas due to the intense and large-scale military operations against the latter areas. Most of them are going through tragic conditions as many of them have gone missing in the desert and their fate remains unknown. In addition, the fleeing civilians are facing a severe shortage in medical supplies and lack of water, which led to the emergence of diseases among them.

Some of the displaced from Deir Ezzor sought refugee in some SDF-run refugee camps, including the Ain Aissa camp in rural Al-Raqqa, which is home to around 25 displaced civilians, the Sad refugee camp, home to 45 thousand civilians, and the Hawl refugee camp, which is also home to around 50 thousand.

Villages and towns in the province have been subjected to intense, violent airstrikes by the coalition, Russia and the Assad regime for two months, which have caused hundreds of civilian casualties and have forced hundreds to leave their homes.

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