DEMC and the SDF make new gains against Daesh in east of the Khabur river

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The Deir Ezzor Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces have gained control over new positions in the northern countryside of DeirEzzor.

After fierce clashes with Daesh, they succeeded in taking control over the towns of Al-Jassimi, Busaytin, Badawi Al Jasser and Muaayjil east of the Sur town, in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor.


The strategic significance of the newly captured areas lies in their proximity to the Omar oil field and the Hariji oil field, bearing in mind that the villages of Abu Al Naytil and Al Namiliyah are the last remaining areas in the region which separate the SDF from the oil fields.


In other news, violent clashes continue between the SDF and Daesh in the vicinity of the Markadah town south of Al Hasakah, the organization’s last main stronghold in the region. In addition, the SDF and the DEMC managed recently to cut off the Deir Ezzor/Markadah highway.

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