Deir Ezzor’s swimmer, Ibrahim Al-Hussein, wins a gold medal in Greece

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The 27-years-old Ibrahim Al-Hussein from Deir Ezzor won his first gold medal in Greece today after he won first place in a 50-meter swimming competition in the city of Athena.


Ibrahim Hussein won the gold medal after being successful in scoring 30 seconds in the recent swimming competition, and he is now getting well prepared for taking part in the upcoming summer Olympics in Brazil.


Ibrahim used to be an activist in the Syrian revolution. He left Deir Ezzor for Turkey for medical reasons after his right leg was amputated from the mid-calf down in an indiscrimnatory bombing on Deir Ezzor’s neighborhoods years ago. He was also chosen to carry the Olympic flame in Athens during a recent ceremony for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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