Decree of amnesty and trade of releasing detainees

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

As with all the activities issued by the corrupt Assad regime, the recently issued amnesty decree enters the maze of bribery and financial extortion, as the number of those released by the decree did not exceed 40 detainees from Deir Ezzor , most of whom are new detainees, who did not spend in Adra Central Prison. For more than several months, besides only two were in Sednaya prison, one from the white section and the other from the red.

The release of detainees stopped about a week ago, to allow the brokers to blackmail the families, as the sums required to speed up the release of detainees reached one million Syrian pounds, with regard to those in Sednaya Red Prison.

The number of detainees from Deir Ezzor in Assad’s prisons exceeds 3000, while the number of detainees and forcibly disappeared persons from Syria has reached 135,000, according to the Syrian Network for Human Ri

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