Clashes break out between SDF and the Assad regime in eastern Deir Ezzor after the latter accused them of treachery

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Clashes broke out between SDF and Assad’s forces on the outskirts of the towns of Tabiyah and Khisham in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. What triggered the clashes was an attack launched by the DEMC against the positions of the Assad regime at the outskirts of the two towns with the aim of liberating them from the latter forces.

On the other hand, the SDF are on an extreme high alert in eastern Deir Ezzour after being accused of treachery by Bashar Assad and labeled as a Daesh-like force by his foreign minister Fayssal Maqdad, which also coincides with the start of communication between the tribes and the regime that are aimed at a possible encounter with the Kurds.


In response to the statement of Assad, the SDF released a statement accusing him of treachery and saying that he is the last one who can speak about treachery and deception for being responsible for the entry of all kinds of terror organizations into the country.

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