Civilians have to queue for sixteen hours only to get 18 loaves of bread in the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor

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Civilians are still living under harsh and rough conditions of the siege imposed by ISIS on the regime-held districts of Deir Ezzor city as they barely have the means to meet basic human needs such as food, medicines and water.

Bakeries are overcrowded in the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor and civilians face a wait of up to sixteen hours in queues near the bakery of Khaled Ibno Al Waleed in Al-Joura district to purchase 18 loaves of bread at 200 Syrian lira.

Getting water into civilian homes has also become a strenuous task in the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor, mainly because many water pumping stations have ceased to operate, pushing civilians to go to distant areas in order to bring water to their homes.


It should be noted that Russian cargo planes recently airdropped aid shipments over the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor (under the regime control). Possession of the shipments were controlled by the regime and it distributed no more than 3kg of food aid per family.

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