Assad’s forces are absent from a ceremony held in their honor in Al-Bukamal !

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A number of the Iranian militias held a ceremony yesterday, Monday 29-7-2019 on the occasion of the so-called the “Syrian Army” day, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

The ceremony was held, the correspondent said, on the road of city’s National Hospital, with the support of the Iranian Cultural Center.

The surprising thing about the ceremony is that there were no military figures from the Assad’s forces in it, and most of the attendees were from the Iranian militias and some civilians from the city.

Our correspondent confirmed that most of the events of the ceremony were Shiite rituals, such as the Shiite chants, lamentations, raising banners of the Shiite symbols, and the distribution of clothes (T-Shirt) with Khomeini’s picture on them.

It is indicated that there has been a number of Iranian Shiite militias in Al-Bukamal city since the Assad’s forces and the militias supporting them took control of it in late 2017, where Tehran pays special attention to Al-Bukamal city, and this can clearly be seen in the deploying of more Iranian militias in it, and also through the frequent visits of Iranian generals and military and political figures headed by the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard “Qasem Soleimani”.

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