Assad-regime helicopters in confrontation with Daesh anti-aircraft guns in Deir Ezzor

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Daesh has recently been targeting all helicopters belonging to the Assad-regime coming from Qamishli to its held areas in Deir Ezzor and vice versa, using 23 mm and 14.5 mm anti-aircraft stationed across the targeted areas.


The helicopters can be easily spotted and targeted by the anti-aircraft mainly once they reach the besieged neighborhood of Al-Joura in Deir Ezzor city. However, no helicopters have been shut down yet by these outdated anti-aircraft, which can only hit low-flying warplanes.

The helicopters coming from Qamishli always land in Brigade 137 west Deir Ezzor, where they drop off deliveries of food, fuel, ammunition and weaponry to Assad forces stationed at the brigade. Sometimes, they also bring in reinforcement. The helicopters transport wounded and killed Assad forces in addition to families, employees and commanders in the ranks of the regime when returning to Qamishli city.


These helicopters coming from Qamishli always arrive in Deir Ezzor province at 6.00 am and return to Qamishli at sunset.

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