Assad regime deprives residents of Deir Ezzor of power

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The Deir Ezzor 24 Network spotted that on Saturday, the power cut hours reached 11 in return for one hour of supply in the towns, east of the Euphrates controlled by the Assad regime. The network emphasized that there are no malfunctions that justify the Assad regime’s cutting of power.

Life conditions have recently deteriorated in terms of power and water in Deir Ezzor, which forced the residents to resort to ice bars amidst rare cooling equipment. The average price of ice reached 300 Syrian pounds per bar, amidst lack of bread and flour sometimes.

What exacerbates the suffering of the people is the imposition of customs on all materials that enter the area from outside the Assad-controlled areas, with the aim of blackmailing people, in addition to confiscating many belongings and goods.

The poor life conditions, poverty ,and unemployment drive the people to leave the area, hoping to get out with the least possible losses to a place that guarantees them the minimum level of decent living

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