Assad is using again starvation as a weapon against civilians in the city of Deir Ezzor

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Despite the continuous shelling of civilian targets in Daesh-held neighborhoods with artillery, rockets and barrel bombs, the regime has decided to employ starvation again as a weapon against the local civilians.

According to a D24 correspondent, ‘Hundreds of civilians are besieged in the Humeidiyah, the Oradi, the Sheikh Yassin neighborhoods, as well as in parts of the Omar neighborhood and the old airport, amidst heavy Russian and Assad airstrikes on the latter areas.’

He added that, ‘Shelling with artillery and rockets have not stopped so far, as they continue to target most of the Daesh-controlled neighborhoods every day, which has resulted in the killing of many civilians and the destruction of many civilian-owned houses.’


Many civilians were forced to remain in their homes because of the ongoing air campaign. They are now facing hunger for the ongoing siege has led to a sky-high increase in the prices of foodstuffs.


The besieged civilians see the current miserable situation they are facing in Deir Ezzor as a game between both Assad and Daesh to destroy what is left of the city. Those who don’t die from the siege, are dying in airstrikes by the Assad’s regime on a regular basis.

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