Announcement of the formation of Syria’s New Army to fight ISIS and its loyal groups

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A number of revolutionary military factions have announced the formation of Syria’s New Army to fight ISIS and any other group similar to it, in order to clear Syria from their crimes and atrocities.

The formation of this army came after one year and half of the withdrawl of several military factions from Deir Ezzor, following seven months of heavy fighting against ISIS in the province.


Official Statement by the military commander of Syria’s New Army:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions .

We are in the fifth year of the Syrian revolution against the tyrannical regime in Damascus, and yet we are still moving away from the frameworks of cooperation ,cohesion and solidarity,unfortunately it’s a bitter reality.

Jabhat Al Asala & Tanmia (Authenticity & Development Front) has always sought to be part of any Syrian coalition,and we never hesitated to join any operation room and we never argued with any honest faction whose main purpose is to take up arms against the enemy.

Today we seek to liberate the biggest occupied area in Syria which is the eastern area(al Sharqiya),even though our factions have presence in all the areas which experience heavy fightings such as Idlib,Hamah,Ghota,Aleppo and al Sahel.

All of this does not prevent us from fighting ISIS which is a creation of the Assad regime to distort the image of Islam and make the revolution looks like as if it’s based on extremism and terrorism and divert it from its noble goals.

Based on this we have begin to establish training camps to liberate Sharqiya (the eastern area) thorugh the formation of a new army to be a nucleus and a building block of one Syrian project which raises the Syrian flag.

We insist that the army will take up its arms except for the sake of Allah and to fight against ISIS and its loyal groups.

We will fight side by side with honest rebels,and we thank everyone who provides support to the army without conditions or agenda, which splits up the rebels and make them rise up against each other.

This is our methodology that we learned from our greatest scholars ,may Allah mercy upon those who passed away and preserve those who are still alive.

Finally, we ask Allah to bring the Sryian people together, and hasten his victory.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

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