Al-Furat University in Deir Ezzor… A deformed birth of a province that offered competent people

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After being marginalized by the head of criminality Hafez al-Assadand  deliberately prevented the university to be established in the eastern region to implant the discrimination between people in the Syrian governorates and to give the province the name of developing regions. Deir Ezzor, the governorate located between Hasaka and al-Raqqa, in spite of the existence of a cadre of teachers that can cover the university and a number of students that can be included by the university. This criminal refused to set up the university, so students will not be able to continue their education in easier conditions in light of price rises of living, like Homs, which takes an intermediate location between the coast and Hama in Deir Ezzor.


The College of Agriculture remained as the only college in Deir Ezzor with some institutes, with a guard, namely the security detachment like all the educational establishments in the Assad regime; a security detachment under the name of student security, where the students of universities and institutes in all countries are actors in society, except in Syria they put a security guard to monitor what is going on in the heads of students. The opening of Faculty of Arts in Deir Ezzor was in 2003 under name of the Second University of Aleppo associated with University of Aleppo, followed by the opening of other faculties like Law, Education, Science, Economy, Petroleum and Medicine, and then got independence with this number of colleges as Al-Furat University in 2006.


These colleges had no independent building or compound for them follow to the Ministry of Higher Education like other universities, but were scattered far apart and were often located in the old schools like Petroleum, Law, Economy and Science. The Faculty of Arts was in a school and then transferred to the Concorde canteen, this canteen is owned by an officer of the regime who lost in the canteen project, so it has been leased to the Faculty of Arts at the university, to compensate for the loss. The Faculty of Agriculture is in an old mangled building which is unmet to the scientific needs for students, nothing has changed in this college except one thing, it is the addition of a picture of Bashar al-Assad near the picture of his criminal father Hafez al-Assad on the walls.

In 2011, an independent building was almost completed included the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Agriculture, it was outside the city, so the students of these colleges moved to their new building on the road to Damascus, in a bad transportation area and blank of the supplies necessary for them.


The dorms of university were inadequate to accommodate the students and are distributed in favoritism by security detachments, so they built two housing units outside the city, which are also not enough for students from other Syrian provinces and also within favoritism, where some of the rooms was inhabited by a security member alone and there was a roomful of more than four students. The participation of university students in the revolution: the revolution started and the students of Al-Furat University had a prominent attend, where they participated and worked as peaceful activists, journalists and relief workers, and organized demonstrations inside the colleges in difficult security conditions, in addition they wrote publications and distributed them. The response was by the entering of the security members to the colleges and the arrest of the students from their studies seats, and issued orders to sack the students who participated in the peaceful protests at the beginning of the revolution.


On Friday that was called ”the Free Army protects me”, the first student of the Al-Furat University was martyred in a demonstration in Deir Ezzor, the student is (Abdullah Ammar). After that, students who demanded freedom had been chased and tightened by the regime and many of them had been arrested, then Ghaith al-Rawi was martyred, where the university students significantly appeared in his funeral. Also upon the arrival of the Arab observers; a lot of university students participated in a strike action, and the student Zuhair al-Mashaan was martyred in what was called ”the massacre of observers”.


That was followed by a military movement, so some of them joined the ranks of the Free Army after that the imposition of the military solution, where they sacrificed their future for the freedom of their country. Then Obeida al-Mufti was martyred, one of the prominent peaceful activists, and some of them were killed in prisons where the student Muhannad Adnan al-Jassem was martyred in prison, and many of them remained in detention until now and their fate is unknown. The name of the university is the only thing that did not change, it is empty of students, except only a few of those who decided to follow-up, and some of them refused to enter areas controlled by the Assad regime to continue their studies for fear of arrest. Where the regime re-chose new schools in the neighborhoods of al-Qusoor and al-Jura which are in its control zones, with the increase in corruption in this university under the dominance of the security branches on its joints significantly and the dismissal of some of the teaching staff who have joined the revolution.

Daesh control and closing the crossings Daesh controlled Deir Ezzor and made a decision preventing anyone to enter the regime control areas and this applies to the largest number of university students and any employee wants to get his salary. Some students, who have families outside the regime control area, tried to complete their studies but Daesh forced the parents of the students to call their sons, otherwise they considered as apostates, even they arrested the parents of the students and threatened the students, so the students went out to save their parents from the grip of Daesh. Some of whom were close to the graduation and have only one or two subjects to graduate. Those who remained of the students did not know that another unjust party was awaiting them, where the Assad regime worked to arrest them and took them to labor in digging trenches, and bunkers strengthening. The new dorms of this university were turned into a shelter for displaced families from the neighborhoods experiencing war and continuous shelling, where they live in poor conditions and continuous exploitation by the security members, until Daesh attacked the area on 15 \ 5 \ 2016, killed the security members, and arrested some residents of the dorms after its control for a short time, then the Assad’s forces were able to regain control of it. Yesterday, a new president of the University was appointed, the University that its students are among martyr, prisoner, hungry, fugitive, and homeless. This is how the birth of this university was, which was born deformed in the province that provided elites of intellectuals and competencies owners.


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