Al-Bukamal: One year after the massacre which was perpetrated by Russia

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The Russian intervention in Syria also included the eastern province of Deir Ezzor where Russia has killed hundreds of civilians, using the war-on Daesh as a pretext.

At least 84 civilians, most of whom were children and women, were killed in Al-Bukamal on Saturday, November 05, 2015, due to an intense Russian aerial bombing on the city. There are still signs of this massacre, including the heavy damages caused to the public park, the Omar Mosque and some civilian buildings.
The air strikes were mainly concentrated on civilian targets as they only caused civilian causalities and not one single Daesh fighter was reported dead.

Details on the massacre in Al-Bukamal:
The Russian warplanes targeted the main market in the city with two air raids, wounding a number of civilians, and as rescuers were trying to help the wounded, the warplanes suddenly appeared and bombed the targeted area once again, killing dozens of civilians.
Due to the deteriorating medical services and lack of medical staff in Daesh-held areas of Deir Ezzoor, the death toll from the air strike increased from 30 to 84 civilians, while at least 70 were wounded.

The air raids caused a massive destruction to the Tubiyah neighborhood where at least five residential buildings and 15 commercial shops were reduced to rubble, as well as the burning down of 18 cars.

The city of Al-Bukamal is still subjected to air strikes by both, Russia and the Coalition, due to its strategic location near the Syria-Iraq border. Civilians remain the most affected amid the brutal rule of Daesh and intense aerial bombing.

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