What has Russia achieved in Deir Ezzor so far ?

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Since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, Russia has been trying to keep the dictator Assad in power by making use of all means at its disposal because the longer Assad is in power, the more Russian military, political and economic interests are attained.


On September 30, 2015, Russia officially announced its military intervention in Syria using the war on terror (Daesh) as a pretext. Since then, it has carried out thousands of air strikes on all areas across the country, including Deir Ezzor where it has destroyed most infrastructures and caused a large number of civilian casualties, which the media described as outrageous.


Official study by D24 on the total number of civilian deaths since the intervention of Russia in Syria has documented the death of more than 544 civilians, including 87 children and 65 women. 60 infrastructures, 15 mosques, 20 schools, 5 markets and 10 strategic bridges were reduced to rubble. In addition, five main highways and five water treatment plants have been knocked out of commission.


What are the impacts of the Russian air strikes on the war against Daesh ?


According to testimonies by civilians, 90 percent of the Russian air strikes have been concentrated on civilian buildings in the province.


In regards to the Russian role in Deir Ezzor province, the political analyst Muad Al-Saraj says: In spite of its military and economic significance, the eastern region has remained out of sight during most of the phases of the Syrian Revolution. And it had been expected that the region would fall an easy prey into the hands of the organization and the extremists Kurds ( YPG PKK) as a result of ignoring its strategic importance.


He continues, the region has become a main subject due to the beginning of the battle for Mosul, which is related to the city of Al-Raqqa, the main stronghold of Daesh in Syria. This proves that the eastern region is of strategic importance in the conflict taking place in Syria in particles and the mid-east in general.


If the Geneva files have ignored the region after viewing it as an unimportant area, the repercussion of the Iraqi and Syrian crises have bought it again to the table.

Russia has been carpet-bombing the province of Deir Ezzor since the first days of its intervention in Syria, which have made life hell for the locals after the destruction of infrastructures, mosques, schools ect.

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