Fleeing from death to death: Two Syrian civilians murdered in cold blood by the Turkish gendarme while trying to cross into Turkey illegally

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On Wednesday, November 02, activists shared a video on social media, mainly Facebook, showing two dead civilians, one from Manbej and the other from Deir Ezzor, who were killed by the Turkish border guards as they were attempting to enter into the Turkish territory illegally from the northern countryside of Idlib.


The victim from Deir Ezzor was identified as 18-years-old Raid Shalal from the town of Al-Mariyah in rural Deir Ezzor. He succumbed to his wounds after he was pierced in the head by a bullet fired by the Turkish gendarme patrolling the border. Both, Al-Shalal and the other victim were buried in northern Aleppo, a private source told D24.

Sources also reported to D24 that the two victims were manipulated and deceived by a smuggler who tried to smuggle them into Turkey from an area near the Turkish gendarme patrols, and as they were trying to cross illegally, a Turkish patrol shot them dead. Their bodies could not be retrieved until today’s morning.


The FSA-controlled areas are the main destination for civilians fleeing the deteriorating living standards and atrocities in Daesh-controlled areas. The fleeing attempts are reliant on smugglers who are able to bypass Daesh checkpoints established in an area near Al-Tabqa city, in the western countryside of Raqqa.


The smuggling of civilians outside the organization-held areas go through different stages and they are costly, as the civilian who wants to flee needs two smugglers to be smuggled outside Daesh-held areas and then the FSA-controlled areas to Turkey. There are also checkpoints in northern Aleppo operated by different factions who also impose amounts of money to be paid by Deir Ezzor’s civilians on charges of being affiliated with Daesh.

The story of Raid represents the situation of the majority of people in Deir Ezzor, as their fleeing attempts from death most of them time end by death.


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