After a tension took place in Ash-Shafah…. the SDF send their leaders to calm the situation

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This morning, Monday, the Syrian democratic forces sent some of their leaders to Ash-Shafah town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, to investigate the murder of a child in the city by elements of the SDF in the area.

The SDF leaders met with the father of the child who was killed and went to the place where he was killed, and examined the scene and the bullet holes, where the child was found to have been killed on purpose.

The Syrian democratic forces arrested the elements of the checkpoint who had been accused of killing the child on purpose, and promised the child’s family and people of the area that they will have justice against the elements who killed the child.

The Syrian democratic forces called on the people of Ash-Shafah to open the roads, restore the normal movement in the city and end the civil disobedience, upon which roads were opened, roadblocks were removed and the normal movements of civilians were restored.

It is indicated that the people had accused elements of the SDF of stealing shops in Street 24 in Ash-Shafah city, in addition to launching a campaign of arrests and raids in the city.

It is noteworthy that the acts of the SDF elements in Ash-Shafah caused public tension in the city, where the elders of Ash-Shafah called on The leaders of the SDF to assess the latest developments and put an end to the violations of their elements in Ash-Shafah.

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