A state of high alert dominates the Tabqah city

Written by Editorial Board

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The SDF was on an extreme high alert on Sunday and Monday in the city of Tabqah, which coincided with a massive deployment of YPG Anti-Terror Units (HAT) to the city.

A Raqqa24 correspondent said that a state of horror and despair dominated the residents due to this unprecedented security measures, which included the patrolling of all streets.


The youth are extremely concerned about this move as it could be a sign of the implementation of the forced conscription program, mainly after the SDF opened a center for recruitment in the first neighbourhood of Tabqah, which was named ‘the Self-Defense Center’. Many civilians are going to the latter center in order to reconcile their situation, and many families are afraid about the fact that their sons could be forcibly recruited by the SDSF.

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