A number of people were wounded due to SDF indiscriminate shooting in the village of Abu Al-Naytal

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An SDF patrol opened fire while chasing young men riding motorbikes in the village of Abu al-Naytel, north of Deir Ezzor, which hit a civilian’s house, injuring his daughter, so he clashed with the patrol.

The patrol exchanged gunfire with the father of the girl who was hit by indiscriminate bullets, in addition to an elderly woman, “Hana Al-Aran, where the Al-Makaridh point of SDF participated in firing bullets with medium weapons, injuring Haitham Al-Kurdi and Ahmed Al-Yassin, and taking them to the Suwar town.

This resulted in tension in the village after reports were received of the seriousness of the injury of one of the injured.

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