A dispute erupts between the 4th Division and the Afghani militias in Deir Ezzor!

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Yesterday, Saturday 8-2-2020, a dispute broke out between Shiite militias and Assad’s forces in Al-Quriyah city, Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent said.

In the details, our correspondent said that at around 3 p.m. yesterday, Saturday, a dispute erupted between (Afghani) militias belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and members of the 4th Division of Assad’s forces in Al-Quriyah city east of Deir Ezzor.

The correspondent pointed out that the main reason for the dispute is that as the 4th Division impose customs duties on all vehicles passing through its checkpoints, the elements of its checkpoint in Al-Quriyah city, imposed a custom duty on a vehicle belonging to Fatimiyeon militia, that was loaded with soft and energy drinks, but the elements in the vehicle refused to pay any thing, and both sides raised weapons against each other, which led to great tension between them, where the Afghani militias brought reinforcements from al-Mayadeen city and (Ain Ali) points.

The state of tension continued till late at night, when the 4th Division command in Damascus intervened and resolved the dispute by punishing the elements of the checkpoints for stopping the Iranian militia vehicles.

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