4 civilians, including 2 children, were killed in a mortar attack by Daesh on besieged DeirEzzor

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At least 4 civilians were killed, others were wounded, yesterday after Daesh shelled the Assad regime-held neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city with mortar shells.


A D24 correspondent stated today that “ 4 civilians, including two children, were killed in a mortar attack by Daesh on the Joura and the Qusour neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city, which are controlled by Assad’s forces.”

He added, “ A number of civilians were also wounded, some of whom are in critical conditions. They were transported to the Assad Hospital south of the city of Deir Ezzor to receive medical treatement.”


A medical source inside the hospital stated to D24 that there some of the dead could not be identified since their bodies were charred in the shelling, adding that the number of civilian casualties could increase as there many of them who are currently under intensive care.


In other news, clashes between Assad’s forces and Daesh continue to rage on multiple front lines, including the cemetery area south of the city, in connection with air strikes by the Russian aircraft which are mainly focused on the organization-held neighborhoods, the vicinity of the military airport, the cemetery area and Thurdah Mount.


Names of the civilians who were killed in the mortar attack


  1. Inayat Mohamed Al Abd
  2. Mohamed Said Rassli
  3. The child Ghassan Qassem Orafi
  4. The child Maymass AbDL Qader


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