Woman gives birth to parasitic twin in Al-Bukamal city east of Deir Ezzor

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Days ago, a woman gave birth to a parasitic twin in the Aisha Hospital of Al-Bukamal city, which is controlled by Daesh.

“Parasitic or Heteropagus Twins are asymmetric conjoined identical or monozygotic twins in which the tissues of a severely defective twin (the parasite) are dependent on the cardiovascular system of the other”


The reason that led to this phenomenon, as suggested by local doctors, is the polluted air and oil radiation in the city, as the eastern countryside is a rich oil region where locals refine oil using primitive means called oil burners.


There is a severe shortage of medical staff in Al-Bukamal city since most of them had left for areas outside Syria due to Daesh’s atrocity. This means that a surgery to separate the twins from each other remains almost impossible amid the absence of medical equipment and staff.

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