What is the significance of choosing “Hatla” for the meeting of the director of Deir Ezzor endowments with the preachers of the region’s mosques?

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The director of Deir Ezzor endowments, Abdul-Hadi Muhammad Salih Al-Abush, met the preachers and muezzins of mosques in the region at the Ammar bin Yasir Mosque in the village of Hatla. A large number of its residents are promoters of the Shiite deonimination.

The meeting was held to discuss the reality of mosques and preparations for the month of Ramadan, dedicating the call to prayer twice in the dawn prayer, and setting the value of Zakat al-Fitr at 5,000 SYP, in the event that the price of wheat is not raised at a later time, in addition to discussing the reality of mosques.

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