Two unidentified bodies in the town of Abu Hamam

Written by Editorial Board

Today, “Monday”, residents of the town of Abu Hamam in eastern Syria found two unidentified bodies near Faraza al-Bahs in the town’s desert.

According to the correspondent of Deir Ezzor 24 network, an eyewitness said that the two bodies are unidentified and do not have identification papers, and this is not a new incident, stressing that they are bone remains and not corpses, which makes identifying their owners difficult.

Our correspondent added that the effects of torture on one of the bodies are clear, assuring that the owner was hit on the head, and the jaw was broken, while the right leg of the second body was broken.

In the context, the two bodies were photographed and the photos were posted on social media, in the hope that they would be identified by their families, and they were buried next to where they were found.

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