Thirty-five martyrs, including FSA fighters from Deir Ezzor, in the VBIED suicide attack on the Itma border crossing in Idlib today

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The VBIED suicide attack which targeted the Itma border crossing with Turkey, Idlib province, today, killed 35 people and wounded more than 50 others. `


Local sources confirmed to D24 that, “ Most of those killed were fighters and commanders operating under the command of the FSA, Ahrar Al-Sham and Al-Sham legion, including Hisham Al-Khalifa, commander of Ahrar Al-Sham, Khalid as-Sayyid”, the head of the “Supreme Judicial Council in Aleppo”, and Mohamed Al-Faraj, serves as the public prosecutor of the Judicial Council. The death toll from the suicide attack has increased to 35 martyrs.”

Among the killed and the wounded were fighters from Deir Ezzor who moved to Aleppo following Daesh’ seizure of the province in 2014. Some of them could be identified as Radwan Thabet Al-Kharat and Omar Tariq Al-Barbour.


Both, the Assad-regime and Daesh, sleeper cells have been operating and carrying out attacks against several targets in Idlib province for a long time, even though the FSA factions managed to liberate the province from both parties.

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