The SDF have agreed on the evacuation of the stuck ci vilians in Huwayjah Qati’, though the process is being delayed by strict Daesh conditions.

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The SDF have agreed to allow the stuck civilians in the Huwayjah Kati’, and parts of the Huwayqah and the Rushdiyah neighbourhoods, cross to their controlled areas in the Husseiniyah town in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.


A D24 correspondent said that the agreement includes also Daesh fighters operating in the previously mentioned area on the condition that they must surrender themselves and then face trial. He added that ‘ that the evacuation of the civilians is being hindered by Daesh who are insisting on the SDF to open a safe corridor for them to leave for Daesh-held areas in the eastern countryside, which the SDF continue to reject to the very moment.


More than 600 civilians who fled from recently captured neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor by Assad’s forces are still stuck in the Huwayjah Kati’ amid harsh conditions, including the lack of food and the continuity of artillery shelling by Assad’s forces on that area. Among the stuck civilians are women and children, as well as elderly, some of whom are in an urgent need for medical treatment. All people are afraid of the fact that Assad’s forces might execute some of them if they capture the area.

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