The rise in prices in the Mayadeen burden the life of civilians

Written by Editorial Board

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The city of Al-Mayadin lives in a shy Ramadan atmosphere, in light of the high prices of all commodities and supplies, which has exacerbated the living crisis.

The price of sweets, which the people wanted to eat in Ramadan, increased, as the price of a kilo of raffle and katayef reached 7000 pounds, the price of a kilo of clamps reached 7500, and Qatayef Sambousek reached 8000 pounds per piece.

This coincided with the rise in the price of Ramadan drinks, as a liter of tamarind amounted to 1500 pounds, a liter of Shami berries reached 1200 pounds, and a liter of licorice reached 1000 pounds.

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