The people of Al-Mari’yah are prohibited from entering their hometown

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

Fifteen families from the town of Al-Mariya, east of Deir Ezzor, returned to their homes south and east of the destroyed mosque, within the area under the control of the Republican Guard, while about 40 families are still in Al-Mariyah camp, going through extreme poor living conditions.

The camp is located near the Euphrates River, opposite the Khasham water purification plant, while Hawija al-Mar’iyah is considered a red line that prevents the residents of al-Marayiyah from entering it. The family of Ghadban and his NDF groups continue to occupy the town and invest in its agriculture, and destroy houses after looting their contents.

All mediation atttempts by the locals to return to their areas through high-ranking figures from the Assad regime’s parliament failed, including “Amin al-Raja,” while the town has been devoid of its residents since 2012.

The Al-Jufra shabiha, led by the Al-Ghadban and Al-Kisom families, are accused of killing the people and stealing their property and agricultural and animal wealth during their control of the town.

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